South Korea

Korean Energy Atlas (English version)

Energy Atlas Korean Edition (English version)


South Korea is ranked 17th in the world for cumulative greenhouse gas emissions, most of which come from the energy sector. The country’s policies for energy transition away from fossil fuels and nuclear power began with the expansion of participatory renewable energy. However, the new government has taken a step backwards from previous policies that aspired to a sustainable and carbon-neutral society.

Perspectives Asia #10 Cover

Perspectives Asia #10: Fabric of Society


In autumn 2021, the Covid-19 global pandemic lingers on even though vaccinations are getting pace. The 10th issue of Heinrich Böll Stiftung (hbs)'s serial publication Perspectives Asia takes a look at how the pandemic is reshaping state/society relationships in different Asian countries; it also shares down-to-earth Covid-19 experiences from different regions and cultures, on issues as diverse as trust in government institutions, the situation of migrant workers, and gender relationships.