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Perspectives Asia #11: Transitions


Change is all around us; experiencing it can be exciting or worrisome, confusing or even disturbing. By contrast, the idea of “transition” stands to provide a sense of direction, in a sea of change and insecurity. Change may be happening to us; a transition has direction, it can be planned, perhaps even be initiated. It moves into a positive, sustainable direction – or so we hope.

Cover page of "Regulating AI: Debating Approaches and Perspectives from Asia and Europe"

Regulating AI: Debating Approaches and Perspectives from Asia and Europe


Artificial intelligence has left the lab and entered our everyday lives. A critical mass of countries are shifting from moralising AI to regulating it. What happens in the EU matters for the rest of the world. The EU's proposed AI Act is a first law on AI by a major regulator anywhere. International cooperation will be crucial to effectively regulating AI.

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Plastic Atlas International Korean Edition 플라스틱아틀라스 세계판 2022


플라스틱으로 가득 찬 세계에 대한 데이터와 사실들 Plastic is ubiquitous: we use it for life-saving medical devices, clothing, toys and cosmetics; we use it in agriculture and industry. But we also know the growing risk of plastic waste in the environment, landfills and the oceans. This Korean report on the plastic crisis is based on the English version of the Plastic Atlas International Edition

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Perspectives Asia is a publication series jointly produced by the offices of the Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung in Asia. With this series, we intend to provide a German and European readership with an understanding of Asian perspectives, as well as an analysis of global trends and greater insights into developments and current political issues across the Asian region.